How to Find a Lawyer That’s Right For You

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Here’s is How to find a lawyer and some important questions to ask when you’re interviewing lawyers:

How long has the lawyer been practicing and do they specialize in a particular type of case? (DUI? Brain Injuries? Legal Malpractice?)
What types of legal cases does the law firm or lawyer handle most of the time?

Will they negotiate fees or use a flat-fee? Do they offer free consultations?
What types of options are there for resolving your case? (Litigation? Mediation? Plea Deal?)

What is realistic to expect in terms of communication with the law firm? When will calls are returned and questions answered? Will they keep you informed?

Will staff attorneys and paralegals be working on your case? If so can fees be reduced?

What are all the possible outcomes of your case? Will they all be explored and explained?

How much time is reasonable to expect to resolve your legal matter?

How to find a lawyer in NYC or New York – Some Helpful Resources

These days most people turn to the internet in their search most things, including lawyers. If you’re looking online, there are many websites that offer lawyer search and referrals, specific ratings, legal information and more.

One place to look is your local Bar Association. There are many different bar associations in NYC (New York City Bar Association) and New York State. They have lawyer referral services that provide free referrals for people searching for a lawyer.

Another suggestion for finding a lawyer is to ask people you know for recommendations. Sometimes friends, co-workers or family members will have some input regarding their own positive experiences. Be careful of best and top lawyer claims and keep in mind a positive outcome in one case does not guarantee a similar outcome in another case.

Some people are also eligible for the Legal Aid Society option. In this situation, some people are able to access legal help at no cost (if you are eligible and qualify). Court systems in New York and New York City have Legal Aid lawyers and you don’t have to be on welfare to be eligible for Legal Aid.

You have several good options for finding a lawyer, whether in NY or anywhere for that matter. Hope it helps in your search to find the lawyer that’s right for you.

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